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Monica Ahern - About Me

Mrs. Ahern

I am currently in my 23nd year at John Paul II/ QHR. How did that happen? I spent 18 years as the Physical Education teacher and then moved to middle school. I truly enjoy teaching Social Studies and Religion. What better way to spend the day than talking about our faith!! Before I came here I taught 8 years at St. Charles Borromeo in Kansas City, MO., taking 8 years off in between to stay home with my 4 children. I received my degree from Benedictine College and am originally from Omaha, NE. I grew up with 7 sisters and one brother and all of our names begin with M!

I have 3 boys, Kevin, Kollin and Kyle and my daughter, Katie.  Yes all K's. They have all gone to Catholic schools and have gone to KU, Central Missouri, University of Arkansas and Kansas State. Yes, four kids, four different colleges. My three sons are married and I am blessed with three wonderful daughters in law. My daughter Katie received  her masters in Speech Language Pathology from KU and works at the Rehab hospital of Overland Park.   I am blessed with six grand babies.  Brady is four and his sister Sloane is two.  Leighton is three, her brother Harrison is 22 months and Cameron Sue is 3 months.  Eleanor is 11 months.  How blessed am I? I was able to spend quality time with them this summer. They are pretty special! I also have two grand dogs, Murphie and Rudy. 

Like my children, my husband, Chip, and I are products of Catholic education.  We believe in it's importance and feel lucky that our children were able to receive a Catholic education. I am so blessed that I can continue to be involved in Catholic education. Thank you for believing in Catholic education as well.